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mike it’s nice to see a pic of you where you and your nancy tattoo are making the same face

This article is worth reading & I’m as excited about the quick turnaround of criticism as I am about the work. I think the first thing I read on the video focused on one viewer’s mixed feelings about how they perceived the song as shaming thin women. One of the first to comment was a dude who wanted to tell the women in the thread about how mad they should be that someone with a fake butt would dare to have an opinion about how women’s bodies influence the way they get treated, but then the note received some actual pertinent replies, including “I can get why statements about skinny people could be seen as a “fuck the society that privileges them” rather than a statement about putting down folks because they are skinny” and another that agreed, suggesting that thin women are free at any time to go anywhere else in the culture and be validated. The other piece of this, of course, is that most of the song is nowhere near as reductive as the portion that plays over Drake’s lapdance. Most of it focuses on the complexity of sexual attention that’s paid to women whose features appeal to ass men, and calls out 1) the ways that this type of attention is played out to create divisive attitudes between women with different body types and 2) the low-level negging compliments that praise a woman for having a fat ass while really self-congratulating the attendant male because he’s willing to overlook any other fat attributes that are still acceptably treated as flaws.

Anaconda works as a tribute to Mix-a-Lot and a necessary update, and his public enthusiasm for the video is a mark of of the capacity for growth in pop culture and the space available for multiple narratives. Even though the song is a series of anecdotes about sex with men, Nicki’s tree house, gym, and stark white twerking universe is populated only by women who touch and dance on each other. It’s a space for reflection on male attention far enough away from men to dissect both the positive and the problematic, banded together with other women in the ways men fear the most.  Baby Got Back served to celebrate black women in direct opposition to a beauty ideal that privileged thin, white women, even though it relied on a heavy misogynistic filter. Nicki’s crew is diverse. The black women featured in Anaconda are not exclusively light-skinned black. There are white dancers who perform as members in athletic routines without the attitude of racist appropriation rampant among white stars who seek to celebrate only themselves when they co-opt black culture.

Even LOOK AT HER BUTT gets a revision. I remember a friend who loved Baby Got Back when we were kids, but the illicit content that came from a male perspective meant that she and her sisters focused on gleefully repeating the opening dialogue in case they were within earshot of their parents. They liked the song unapologetically, but their suburban white girl participation in it was limited to misunderstanding & proliferating some racist slut-shaming delivered by the only white women in Sir Mix-a-Lot’s video. Nicki’s use of the line reserves judgement and trends toward celebratory, reverberating around a group of women who share in both the commentary and the feature.

I haven’t been so excited about a video since Hardcore Girls.

This video of Tammy Rae Carland talking about her Lesbian Beds series is great, but I love the Dolly cutout lurking in the background.




My name is Jamilla Okubo. I am an Kenyan-American artist from Washington, D.C. Currently residing in New York City attending Parsons the New School for Design. I am currently a rising senior at Parsons studying Integrated Fashion Design (undergraduate), with a background in Fine Arts, and a focus on textiles and fashion design. 

I have been attending Parsons for three years now and I am getting ready to graduate this year as well as complete my senior thesis. I am currently $72,000 in debt to Parsons the New School for Design. For the past three years my mother has assisted me by  paying the remainder of my tuition with the Parent Plus Loan. My mother has borrowed $43,000 of the Direct Parent Plus loan. I still owe $12,000 for my last (senior) year at Parsons and mother and I can no longer take out Direct Plus Loans. 

I hope to be that minority student of color at Parsons, who represents the school, and inspires my younger siblings, and other minority/low-income students globally, to have the ambition and drive that I have, and not let financial issues get in the way of it.

I need $10, 787 to pay for the rest of my tuition for my last year at Parsons.


-Tuition: $10,787
-School Supplies (Fabric, muslin, pattern paper, designing tools, paint, canvases, lab fees, books, fieldtrip fees)


 As a multidisciplinary artist I am able to combine my skills and knowledge to create and express myself. My artwork mainly focuses on people of the Diaspora (people of color), whom I consider my community. I use my artistic disciplines as tools to challenge myself in ways to give back to my community, educate, and empower them as well as the rest of the world.

It is my duty to remind people of color that we have such a rich culture, and that we should love ourselves and one another. I create artwork for my community, because I believe that my purpose as an artist of color is to empower and educate my community.

My artistic discipline connects me to my community by allowing me to create artwork that my community is able to enjoy, embrace, and share with others. I not only create my artwork for myself, but what I express through the medium that I use, is a story that many in my community can relate to. When it comes to creating, I strongly believe in the fact that, 

“Black art controls the “Negro’s” reality, negates negative influences, and creates positive images,”

A quote by Sonia Sanchez. As an artist of color coming from a low-income, single-mother household background, I am able to speak for many in my community from both my experiences growing up as well as express the beauty and hardships of my community’s culture and history. Being able to paint allows me to create for myself but also allows my work to connect to so many from my community. That is the beauty of being an artist, being able to express shared feelings and experiences with your community, where they can also can all take something from what you create.
There is so much to learn, and from that form of inspiration and influence, I create.




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accidental work collage

accidental work collage

emphasizing the importance of frequent stretch breaks when working at a computer

emphasizing the importance of frequent stretch breaks when working at a computer


Love “Da Man Wit the Chips” but Jameila White is the new “Protest MVP.” #staywoke #trill 

"We keep your picture on the kitchen table, pack of American Spirits,
airplane bottle of Scotch, a copy of Krapp’s Last Tape.”

- Daniel Johnson, In the Absence of Sparrows

spending the day thinking about james foley, a friend of a friend

I have to refuse an invitation to a residency because I received work-trade to offset costs but not a need-based fellowship, and attending for 2 weeks would cost me over $1000. Working on a cogent response that says